ZE:A Lee Hoo officially have my utmost respect as the best and bravest leader for a group in kpop world. #StayStrongZea #StandbyLeeHoo

tiffany’s in the wrong promotions

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Elsa!Chul being fabulous.

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happy 25th birthday hyoyeon!

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Seohyun & sunglasses


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Seohyun’s split in Adrenaline

It’s not something that great, but to be able to brighten up the lives of everyone or give everyone some strength, even if it’s just a little…just being able to bring about some kind of change makes me happy.

IU in reply to the question ‘How do you lend support to your fans through your songs?’ ♡ Thank you for brightening the lives of Uaenas everywhere. Happy 6th anniversary and here’s to many more! #아이유데뷔6주년 #6yearswithiu 

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taeyeon & sunny playing with the camera

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